Our Approach

Lisa's Story

Lisa Afshari, had always had horses growing up and participated in parades and clubs like 4H. After Business College, she got married, had children, was blessed to be a stay-at-home mom, and realized something was missing. She needed to get back into horses.

A few years later, she ended up at a wonderful therapy barn, Ready Set Ride, as a boarder. Within months the program was shutting down due to lack of direction and funds. Both her and the new property owner jumped in, her with financial connections, and Lisa with help from friends to take over the labor. A very tough year, lots of growing pains, but none the less a light bulb moment for Lisa personally. She realized she needed to be around the horses, and be the cheerleader for this program. It was a program her whole family could be a part of, somewhere she could bring her daughters and be the stay-at-home mom she wanted to be and have the interaction with the animals she loved!

Our Story

The Program

Lisa's vision of a therapy barn for children with disabilities has expanded into educating the community about the need for special needs individuals to have a place where they and their family do not feel judged. It all started with one horse, a little girl, and a dream. Now the dream has become hope for so many! We have eleven four legged friends who provide therapy, more than 80 volunteers a week who help care for the horses and participate in the sessions and over fifty riders a week who come for an hour to enjoy freedom from a wheelchair, freedom from a walker, wind blowing through their hair, and riding a horse JUST like everyone else!