Rider FAQs

  • My rider is new to this activity. Is there a way to try it out before enrolling in a lesson session/pack?
    We know that new activities can seem like a lot, so we've added "trial rides" for new riders that aren't sure yet if this is a good fit for them.


  • Is there a rider weight limit? 
    We do have a rider weight limit, as it helps to protect our horses' backs. However, many factors play into this, to include the horse's size, the weight of the tack (saddle, etc), how well the rider is able to carry their own weight, and the availability of the horse (we match horse-rider pairings to fit the rider's needs, and horses get breaks!). If you have any questions about this, please email us directly at admin@readysetride.org


  • Can other family members attend the lesson? 
    Parents or family members assisting their rider are welcome to attend. We do ask that small children not attend if they are not riding, as we do not have staff that can watch over them at the barn while the other family members are in lesson.